ZMDesigns | About

I'm Zack Morris, some people know my name from a tv show. The rest know me for my goofy personality, and my creative imaginings. I have a bachelor's of environmental design from Texas A&M, and I'm working on my masters at Texas Tech.

I've been in photography for about 10 years now, starting small, but have grown quite a bit since then. I am a general photographer, in that I specialize in multiple areas. I have done bridals, weddings, senior portraits, family shoots, as well as architecture, art pieces, and a host of other subjects.

I'm very personal, so I can be flexible to meet my client's needs. I prefer meeting my clients before the shoot, to make sure I know what the client wants from me, so I can take the best photos I can.

Can't wait to meet with you to create something amazing!


                                                                                             - Zack